Registration & Tuition Schedule 2016-2017

Monthly Tuition Rates

Oldest Child
1/2 Time Kindergarten
Full Time Kindergarten

Grades 1-5



Grades 6-12


2nd Oldest Child
1/2 Time Kindergarten
Full Time Kindergarten—Grade 12
3rd Oldest Child
Kindergarten—Grade 12
No Charge for Additional Children

Please call the school for your family's individual tuition rates. Valley Christian School offers rates that are comparable to, if not lower than, other private schools in the Valley.

Prepayment Per Student     $200.00

Society Membership Fee

$25.00 per family, one time cost. Refundable if application is not accepted.

Payment Info



Start your education off right with the foundational ABC’s. Solid grounding in phonics, language skills and math.

Middle School

As students transition through Grades 6 to 8 they encounter an increasingly varied learning environment.  This includes more technology, community involvement, outdoor education and exploratories.

High School

In Grades 9 to 12, the learning environment expands even more.  The students are able to select credit courses to satisfy the graduation requirements for the Dogwood diploma.   In addition to the academic courses, components such as community service, missions projects, a trip aboard a tall ship, and a missions trip are part of the program.  Courses such as Foods, Spanish, and even Carpentry can enable students to serve on trips such as these.