Our Story

VCS opened its doors to 35 students in the fall of 1983 to provide education that was consistent with the Christian world-and-life view of Christian families who felt led by God to open a school that supported the values of the Christian home in every area of the curriculum. The home-church-school connection was foremost in the minds of our founders so that a strong Biblical foundation could be built and there would be less confusion in the minds of the children.

Evaluation by the Ministry of Education

In the spring of 1986, the Evaluation Team from the Ministry of Education recognized our distinctive philosophy and concluded that our educational standards met those of the Ministry. We had passed the test and were granted funding status.

Years of Growth

The early years at VCS were years of growth. Renting classroom space in churches, the elementary enrolment grew until the Abbotsford campus birthed one in Mission and then one in Chilliwack and another in White Rock. The White Rock campus grew and went on its own. The Chilliwack campus grew and was to later pursue its own dream. With prayer and diligence the Society pursued various options and decided to launch a building project, one building to house the VCS elementary population from Mission and Abbotsford, and to begin the expansion into the high school grades. Grades 8 and 9 were included in 1993, and additional grades were added until 1996, when VCS included students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Five Grade 12 classes, 1997 to 2001, graduated from VCS until, due to lower enrolment, the VCS Society decided to drop back to having a K to Grade 7 facility. Growth had happened in other areas though. The original vision expanded to include a Home School program where families could teach their own children at home and be under our umbrella, helped and supported by the School. The Society also saw the benefit of cross-cultural relationships and began inviting and incorporating International students into the student body. In 2002, VCS added classes at both ends of the spectrum: Preschool for children aged 3 and 4, and Grades 8 and 9. In early 2006, the Matsqui campus was sold and by September 2006, VCS opened its doors in Mission to an enthusiastic student body from Preschool to Grade 8 in the friendly and welcoming community of Mission.

DL School Established and Property Purchased

In September 2011, the whole student body, from Kindergarten to Grade 10, as well as the new DL school, moved to temporary quarters at 32811 Dewdney Trunk Road, while plans and construction are being finalized for the permanent location at 8955 Cedar Street. Throughout all of the years of VCS, God’s faithfulness has been clearly evident. He has been in the years of growth as well as in the years of decline and change. He has brought us once again to years of growth. His hand has been there touching lives throughout every season. Christian parents from many denominations have put aside doctrinal distinctives to maintain unity in the body of Christ. Staff and teachers have ministered to thousands of students who have come through VCS, some for short times and others for 13 years. Students have had a strong foundation of Biblical teaching to carry them throughout their lives. Many have given their lives to Christ within our walls and halls. Many more have experienced mission trips and ministry. Relationships have developed and grown and stretched, not only to the other side of town, but around the world. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

In September 2012, Grade 11 and 12 options were added to the course selections for our high school students and in June 2013 VCS once again had a graduating class. 

In September 2013, while the new campus was being built at 8955 Cedar Street, the kind people at Parkside Church provided us with temporary quarters until March 31st, when our students enthusiastically moved to our new and spacious facility.  The builder, contractors, donors, volunteers, staff and students had all had a part in  bringing this dream to fruition, but the glory goes to God.  The Grand Opening on May 22, 2014 was a celebration of God’s continued blessing at VCS.  Another class graduated, registrations came pouring in and the board of directors proceeded with plans to build an annex to provide additional classroom space for the growing school.  Vehicles rolled into the parking lot in September unloading 190 students for the first day of school.  The enrollment for the full day program had grown and the DL program had once again doubled.

Matsqui campus, 1994-2006


Mission campus, 2006-2011


Temporary Mission campus, 2011-2013


New Campus, 2014