High School Staff

ShannonMs. Shannon Bruno teaches the Gr. 8/9 class this year as well as English 10 and Drama 10 to 12. She has a passion for drama and lots of enthusiasm that stirs and inspires her students.  Ms. Bruno takes an important role in the Christmas and Easter programs as well as heading up our first full drama production.   Shannon has two little boys who keep her busy on the days she is not at VCS; five year old Emelio joined the Kindergarten class this year.

Mrs. Sheryl Dahl is teaching several high school courses in addition to her other responsibilities in the Primary and Middle School divisions.  Madame Dahl is teaching French 10 and preparing the students for cross-cultural and missions experiences in French speaking locations.  She also introduces students to planning for post-secondary educational opportunities as the Planning 10 and Grad Transitions teacher.  The Gr. 10 and 12 classes visit a number of universities and colleges and career planning events each year. 

Mr. Kevin Honey, Principal, has been a teacher and school administrator for over twenty five years.  He completed graduate studies by way of distributed learning.  Being the local IT person in the school, he is comfortable using technology for educational instruction.  He knows that education is changing in British Columbia and is embracing this relatively new method of learning for today’s students.   He is comfortable in a teaching role as well and can often be found teaching and interacting with the students.   Greeting each student at the front door every morning is one of his favorite activities.  Mr. Honey is involved in the SALTS sailing trip.

Mr. Clarence Janzen has assumed the position of Biology and Chemistry teacher at VCS as well as some Math and Science assignments for Gr. 7 to 10 as well as PE 10/11.   Mr. Janzen’s fervour for God’s creation spills over into every subject he teaches and has equipped generations of high school students with answers from science and the Bible to refute evolutionary misinformation.  He will be taking an important role in the three day VCS Creation Science convention planned for February.  Mr. Janzen teaches the SALTS course for Gr. 10 to 12 students in preparation for and in conjunction with the sailing trip aboard the Pacific Grace on June 7-10.

Mrs. Grace  Rempel specializes in high school Humanities,  teaching English 11 and 12, Social Studies 8/9, 10 and 11 and Bible 10.  Whether it’s As You Like It, World War I or leading local mission outreaches, Mrs. Rempel is a thoughtful, thorough, and compassionate teacher whose strong faith and missions experience in Uzbekistan touches each of her students.   Mrs. Rempel also plays an important role in our DL program by gathering, organizing and publishing the weekly timetables for our DL families.

Mr. Mark Sanders is a new addition to VCS this year but he is very comfortable in his role as the high school Mathematics, Calculus, and Physics teacher at VCS.  He brings a wealth of teaching experience in these areas but also has a passion for teaching Bible to high school students and seeing lives positively impacted.   He and Mr. Janzen have been friends and colleagues for many years.  Mr. Sanders is taking an active role in the VCS Creation Science convention planned for February.