Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you a traditional school?

VCS is a Christian school with traditional values. Respect, discipline, and educational basics are evident throughout the school and charac terize our school community. The wearing of school uniforms creates a level playing field for students from all walks of life. Learning takes place in individual and group settings and each student is encouraged to maximize their abilities.

2. Is VCS attached to a church or denomination?

VCS is an interdenominational school. Children from several churches representing many denominations attend VCS. At VCS, we realize that we are partners with the home and church. At VCS, we don’t teach doctrine, we teach the Scripture as God’s inspired Word, which allows us to serve Christians of all denominations.

3. Why does VCS have uniforms?

We believe that they create a sense of school pride and unity among students and identify us as the VCS team. Our philosophy strongly speaks of the inner development and uniqueness of each student, which is easily focused on when students wear uniforms. Specific formal, casual and gym wear for both warm and cool seasons can be purchased at Able Cresting during regular shopping hours through- out the year.

4. What is the difference between the teaching at VCS and public school?

We meet and exceed the BC Ministry of Education standards while teaching from a Christian world view and using quality curriculum, often from Christian publishers. Children learn to read stories with Biblical and moral standards. Creation is taught in science class and in Bible class. Missions and service have a high visibility and Christmas and Easter programs represent Biblical themes.

5. Are tuition fees tax deductible?

Each year, CCRA (Revenue Canada) requires Christian schools to calculate the amount of instructional time, religious and secular, and then applies a formula based on that ratio so that a portion of the tuition fees are tax deductible. Our Business Manager would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

6. How can our kids be salt and light in the world if we are in a Christian school?

Kids are kids and their focus should be on learning and studying and not on teaching their peers or debating world views with their teachers. At VCS, our goal is to come alongside Christian parents by providing the child with the same message at school as he receives at home and at church, preparing that child with a strong foundation with which to go out into the world equipped to serve God and the community.

7. Why should I send my child to a Christian school?

God has tasked to godly parents the responsibility of training their children every day and in every situation how to walk with God in faith and to know His Word. In order to do this 24/7, wise Christian parents look for a place where their kids’ teachers are godly people and where the education is based on God’s Word as absolute truth. At VCS, we take seriously the privilege and responsibility of teaching and discipling your children.

8. Does VCS offer enough high school credits for my teenager to obtain a Dogwood diploma?

Yes.  We offer some linear courses as well as semester courses.   Because some of our high school courses are offered on a rotating basis, students are able to take some Gr. 10, 11, and 12 courses in each of their high school years.  The principal can meet with  VCS parents and their teenager to work through the course selections from our High School Planning Guide.